Real open development in action

Ross Gardler, lead developer on the project, reports:

I discovered an issue: Wookie doesn’t pass cookies from widgets to remote servers, which means we can’t log in to MyExperiment. I reported the issue to the Wookie project and got on with doing stuff that didn’t require login, intending to go back to this issue later.

In the meantime, a new community member on the Wookie project sent a mail identifying the same problem. I pointed him at the issue and discussed how it impacts users in the hope someone has time to fix it our find a workaround.

Two days later Scott Wilson committed a fix for the problem.

In summary, by taking the time to collaborate in a viable community I’ve reduced the work I need to do.

Why did Scott do this? Well, whatever the reason, we are all better off thanks to his efforts, including both the Rave in Context and Wookie projects.

Open Development is more than just the reuse of open source code. It is also a sharing of expertise and the appropriate application of resources.

Ross has already thanked Scott on the Wookie list; this is a public thank-you from the rest of the Rave in Context team as well.